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It is one of the biggest town in Visakhapatnam District, It is famous for Jaggery(Bellam). Famous for Temple of God Sri Nookambika & Jaggery Market.
Anakapalle is a Mandal Head Hquarter (Mandal code-33) in Visakhapatnam district. There are 35 villages in this Mandal. The codes for Anakapalle are : Anakapalle village code-28, Anakapalle Mandal code-33, Visakhapatnam district code-3, AP state, Indi

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  • leela honda, ASHOK (guest) wrote 9 days ago:
    my show room
  • Hotel Ramachandra, kandregula rajesh (guest) wrote 17 days ago:
    Good place to stay, Near to market place
  • Anakapalli, dadi teja (guest) wrote 24 days ago:
    where is gavarpalem place in map
  • kotni strret, Mohsin (guest) wrote 29 days ago:
    Lived there for more than 5 years. Good place. Things have changed there thou.
  • KONATHALA SIVAJI HOUSE, Deepika (guest) wrote 3 months ago:
    This is a place where you can find me.. i can be reached very easily. i can give you happiness. if you are interested, contact me..
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